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Anitrack is a livestock management solution that does identification and tracks the health status of livestock using wearable livestock technologies.

Anitrack’s head office is situated at East legon, No. 20 Aluguntuguntu Street, Ambassadorial Enclave, Accra, Ghana. You can reach out to us on +233-268-297-280 or send us an email: info@anitrackgh.com.

Anitrack uses its software to monitor the health of livestock by indirectly monitoring its temperature and reports mishaps or inconsistencies through partner veterinary officers or other animal services. Farm management is also made easier since identification makes it easy to manage individual animals.

Currently any cattle farmer who manages between 10 to 100+ animals can use Anitrack’s services.

Every farmer is different. We strive to serve these different farmer groups based on their requirements or needs. To find out how the service costs please send us an email via info@anitrackgh or call +233 268 297280 and we’ll make a custom quote for you.

Absolutely! Anitrack works directly with Veterinary officers and other animal service providers to achieve its aim. If you want to enroll as a veterinary officer you can reach us via info@anitrackgh.com

Currently Anitrack is focused on cattle. We hope to expand as soon as we’re ready to work on other ruminant livestock.

Anitrack is a management tool for identification and health tracking. We currently do movement data collection within a range of 500m. We plan to integrate location tracking to enable farmers track the exact point of their animals when they are lost but that is not currently what we provide.

You don’t really have to do anything else. Anitrack uses its wearable devices to monitor your animals. Once we notice anything fishy we send you a notification and immediately send a Veterinary officer over to your farm to handle the situation.